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Now you can have an estimated price for the cost of your shipment instantly

Please input an amount in order to continue The amount to be insured cannot be greater than $1,500
Please input an amount in order to continue The amount to be insured cannot be greater than $1,500

TECH GLOBAL LOGISTICS LLC, is responsible for all the cargo received in our warehouse in the city of Miami, Florida, until delivered at its final destination in the cities where we ship directly; likewise, all packages to be sent by air or sea, which exceed the monetary value of $1,000 and electronic devices of any value, will incur an additional cost for insurance, corresponding to 8% of the invoice value of the cargo, this insurance will have a maximum coverage of $1,500. If the client decides not to insure his cargo, TECH GLOBAL LOGISTICS, LLC will make a refund corresponding to the monetary value of $100, in the event that the merchandise has been lost or is not sent to its final destination, provided that it is valued at an amount greater than $1,000.


TECH GLOBAL LOGISTICS LLC, is not responsible for cargo destined to other parts of the country where we do not deliver directly, the cargo will be sent through internal shipping agencies, said cargo will always be insured and the amount of coverage will be the one corresponding to the internal shipping agency with which your cargo is being sent.


The transit times of maritime and air shipments are approximate and the client accepts the conditions of delivery times and any other delay that may occur at the time of the cargo’s transportation.


*All electronic equipment such as cell phones, computers, laptops, TVs, etc. must be declared at the time of the shipment, whether air or sea, you will have to pay the 15% of the amount of the real value of the equipment in order to be processed.


**The responsibility of TECH GLOBAL LOGISTICS LLC is limited to US$100.00 in packages that have not been insured / without a declared value at the time of the shipment and up to $1500 when the cargo is insured. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL THE INSURANCE BE MORE THAN $1500. 

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